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TalentAhead Background Screening (A division of TalentAhead India Private Limited) received ISO 9001:2015 Certificate



  • One of the biggest challenges of the modern times is how to separate facts and truth from lies and falsehood. Our structured background screening process leaves no stone unturned to uncover the truth and brings the facts together.

    TABS (TalentAhead Background Screening) offers a full range of background checks and other screening services, with our dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals who have the required knowledge and insight of industry trends to cater to your requirements.

    Background Screening is the process of carrying out an investigation into the history, i.e. educational, past employment, background etc. to verify the accuracy of the claims made by the potential candidate. The verification is obtained by getting information from reliable records maintained by the institutes, organizations, universities, public databases, police records etc.

    We offer Pre Employment (potential employees) and Post Employment (existing employees) screening services

    Services offered
    Education Verification
    Employment Verification
    Professional Reference check
    Personal Reference Check
    Independent Reference Check
    Criminal Verification
    Address Verification
    Drug Tests


Customized & Structured Screening Process
Dedicated team of Industry Experts
Exclusive Database of companies & universities involved in fraudulent activities
Industry wide Contacts and Representatives at all India level
Adherence to stringent time lines
Data Security & Confidentiality
Cost effective